As 2022 draws to a close, we can all pause and take a breath to look back on what a productive year it has been. We thought a photographic medley of 2022 would be a nice way to wrap up for the year.

However, we would first like to wish a massive thank you to our hard working and dedicated staff for all that QIFVLS has achieved this year. From everyone at QIFVLS, we want to wish a peaceful and happy holiday break all of our funders, stakeholders, clients, friends, and families. We will see you all next year where we will continue to make our communities a safer place for everyone.

The Cairns Head Office Christmas lunch.

Santa (aka Steve from HR) has been busy this year. He popped into the Cairns office to visit everyone after an interview with The Express Newspaper)

This year we partnered up with Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation (QATSIF) to offer year 11 and 12 students a scholarship in memory of our past chairperson, Barry Doyle. Thank you to QATSIF and the scholarship awardees – we look forward to continuing this next year.

Our teams promoted our operations and services in a multitude of ways over the year through yarns out in community, panel discussions, media interviews, and submissions to different Governmental inquiries.

Across the state we met with community groups to present our Community Education and Community Legal Education sessions (CE & CLEs) – Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships, Love Bites, Elder Abuse, Early Intervention, and Men’s Behaviour are our education programs which act as an effective intervention to help the community address issues before they develops into larger problems.

And thank you to the different funding groups, donors, and stakeholders who we worked closely with this year.

We have a number of employment opportunities available in different locations around Queensland. If you or someone you know is looking for an exciting opportunity to work in a career where you are directly helping people in need, while experiencing travel through amazing country, then please hop over to our employment page.

Please consider making a personal or corporate donation to help our teams deliver the services that are so vital to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Watch the video below for one example of how we utilise donations to make the lives of people in crisis better.

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